Publicat în Carti

Ce carte sunt!

De la Rotzi si Trifoi de pe bloguri am ajuns sa imi fac teste despre ce carte sunt. Curiozitatea mea nu a putut sa treaca fara sa observe posturile lor asa ca uite aici ce a iesit:

You’re Invisible Man!
by Ralph Ellison

Most of your life, people have either ignored you or told you that you were wrong. You’ve been duped, mistreated, misled, and neglected. Maybe it was because of your race, or some other uniqueness that people were quick to condemn, but now you just want to crawl into a hole and disappear. After all, nobody knows your name. But you just might speak for everyone.

Testul e aici.

You’re War and Peace!
by Leo Tolstoy

Never one to keep things simple, you are known for your ability to go on and on in discourse with others. You are tall, thick, and just generally known for your size all around. These qualities may make you seem dull, but you manage to keep things lively and entertaining by having a wide array of interests. People find you most interesting when you are discussing fighting and least interesting when you speak French. This would probably make you a great sports commentator, though you know nothing about sports. Your favorite space station is Mir.

Si al doilea test aici.

Nu stiu in ce masura cartile astea mi se potrivesc sau nu, mai ales ca mi se pare ca cele doua descrieri sunt putin contradictorii dar mi s-a parut amuzant sa fac testele.