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The Oscars

I know the Oscars were yesterday but still, for once, something was more important, 8th of March 🙂

So here are the winners, and even if sometimes is difficult to give my opinion on all the categories, since I am not a film director or something like that, I tried:

Best picture – The Hurt Locker (I am curious about this movie right now, wondering if it really deserved the Best picture Oscar and all the 5 others. But maybe I am sceptical because US army is not my favourite movie story)

Actor in leading role –Jeff Bridges (I didn’t see „Crazy heart” yet but I was expecting Morgan Freeman to take the Oscar, he’s great in Nelson Mandela in „Invictus” so when I’ll go to see this movie, Jeff Bridges, you better be great!!!)

Actress in leading role – Sandra Bulock (This one was anyways between her and Maryl Steep, but then, even if Meryl Streep plays Julia in a great way the movie is not one of the best. Probably „The blind side” story is better. I still want to see Gabourey Sidibe in „Precious” as well)

Actor in supporting role –Christoph Waltz (I didn’t doubt he’ll have the Oscar not for one single second)

Actress in supporting role – Mo’nique (it was Mo’nique or Penelope Cruz in my opinion)

Animated feature film – Up (I really liked this animation, nice story, some 3D, great they have the Oscar)

Art director – Avatar (Once more, I am curious for the „Hurt Locker” but I was expecting „Avatar” to have the „Best picture”. even if the story is not something special, I think Cameron did a great job with this movie)

Cinematography – Avatar (To be honest I don’t really know what this Oscars is about)

Costume design – The young Victoria (Nice costumes)

Directing – The Hurt Locker (I do like movies but I’m not that good as to be able to judge the directing)

Documentary feature – The Cove (I’m not sure if I’m gonna go and see this one)

Documentary short – Music by Prudence (Or this one…short movies are not my thing)

Film editing – The Hurt Locker (and again)

Foreign language film –The Secret in Their Eyes (El Secreto de Sus Ojos) -Argentina (this one did make me curious, and I also liked the speech and I’ll go and see the movie, even if I was expecting „The white ribbon” to have the Oscars, after the Palme d’or)

Makeup – Star Trek (ok)

Music (Original Score) – Up (ok)

Music (Original Song) – The crazy heart (I can’t really say that the song is one of my favourite, but maybe it fits with the movie quite well, we’ll see)

Schort film (animated) – Logorama (As I said, not big fan of the short movies)

Schort film (Live action) – The new tenants (Any of them)

Sound editing – The Hurt Locker (curious)

Sound mixing – The Hurt Locker (and even more curious)

Visual effects – Avatar (I guess this one was obvious for everyone)

Writing (adapter screenplay) – Precious: based on the novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire (From the comments I heard about the movie, yes, it deserved at least one Oscar)

Writing (original screenplay) – The Hurt Locker (6 times curious to be precise)

PS – my best movie of the year was „Gran Torino” I don’t know how exactly the Oscar nominations are working, like when the movie has to be made to be taken into consideration for this year”s Oscars or the last year or the next year, but I really don’t understand how a great movie as „Gran Torino” doesn’t have any awards!!!!